About Clothing for High Fashion White Portraits by:

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The key points are:
Pull a group together with color.
Notice how everyone gets 'equal billing':
Fine Art Portrait of a family in the High Fashion White style
Now, look what happens if just ONE person is in a different color. The portrait ends up being all about her.Well, she might not think that's such a bad thing, but we want everyone to have 'equal billing'. :-)
Fine Art Portrait of a family in the High Fashion White style
Here (below) the kids are in reds and the parents in blacks and khakis:
Here the color-scheme was kept to yellows and browns (his shirt is patterned, but it is muted)
Another portrait in yellows and browns:
Using clothes of a color different than your pets can help smaller pets be seen clearly when they are posed in your lap or in front of you:
A beautiful use of formal clothes and fluffy pups!
If you are a dad of twins, dress 'em like convicts!
(just joking)
Feel free to be who you are and show off what you do: (even if your pets are made of metal and you just made them!)
For portraits of individuals the clothes can be whatever you want.
(Especially if you're younger than 6!):

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