About the LifeCollage, only by:

Charles G Waugh, Portrait Artist signature
The LifeCollage celebrates the history and achievements of a lifetime, all on one fine art canvas.
By incorporating a painted portrait of the subject with imagery from friends, family, organizations and other sources, plus graphical elements, text and even real objects, it tells the full life story in a visual format.
The City of Portland was presented this collage on the retirement of its 50th Mayor, Tom Potter (below):
[ Click on image below to see it FULL SIZE - beware, it is a huge file ]

PGE commissioned this collage for the retirement of Peggy Fowler (below), CEO Portland General Electric.
On the original finished collage, bits of the concrete from the cooling tower at the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant are adhered to the surface of the print just above center where the towers are crashing down and Peggy is 'pushing the plunger'.
[ Click on image below to see it FULL SIZE - beware, it is a large file ]

The entire process is managed and artistically rendered by Charles, whose creativity and collaborative nature make it a joy for all involved..