You'll Get to 'See' How Your Portraits
Will Look and Feel in Your Home

I can show you exactly how your actual portraits
will look and feel when installed in your home.

All you need to do is to take pictures of the walls
where you might want to install your portraits.

Once you send me the pictures, I'll prepare them
to use during your View-to-Order Session.

Then we can put your portraits on your walls
to see how various sizes and placements feel!

It's very simple! Here's a few key points that'll
let you 'see' your portraits in your home.
The key points are:
  • Stand at the right-to-left mid-point of the wall
  • Take the picture straight at the wall
  • Make sure to get the ceiling and floors lines
Room View - HOW TO
This picture below is 'just good enough', though it
could have been a bit more straight at the wall:
Room View - HOW TO
To get the right sizing for me:
  • Tell me one horizontal measurement
  • Or: tack a piece of paper on the wall
  • The proposed portrait area should be empty
Here's the picture squared up and scaled to show
you how your installed portrait will look and feel:
Room View - HOW TO
The picture below does not work.
It's not taken straight at the wall and
doesn't show the ceiling and floor lines:
Room View - HOW NOT TO
Once you have the pictures of your walls, simply
text or email the FULL RESOLUTION pictures to me!

Include the measurement or use the piece of paper.

I'll get them all ready to show you your portraits in your home!