The Studio location is temporarily closed,
but LIFE goes on!
SARS-Cov-19 has closed my physical studio space, but I am not closed down. There is much to do, much to learn, and many ways for all of us to serve during this crisis.
I have had some people ask how to set up good lighting for ZOOM meetings, so I put together this brief 'cheat sheet' to make it quick-n-easy.
Key Points:
     The background should be lit less (be darker) than you.
          You'll be the star of the show!
     The room itself should be lit evenly throughout
          Not in a 'striking' fashion of bright and dark

     The STRONGEST LIGHT (the one that lights you):
          Should be 'soft' light, not harsh and 'pointy'.
          Having it be large makes it 'soft'.
          Using a white 'bounce card' softens the light.
          Having it off to the side of your monitor is best.
This drawing shows a quick-n-easy way to make it happen:
Pro tips:
     Make sure there aren't shiny things behind you.
          (they'll be too bright, and distracting)
     Wear solid color mid-tone to darker clothes.
          This makes your face the brightest object.
          Patterns and prints distract the viewer.
     Don't worry about anything else.
          You are now WAY ahead of anyone else!
Happy Zooming!
: - )