$1500 Fine Art Portrait
of your family, children, or pets

Minimum Bid: $200
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    Item description (with video from Charles)
    Minimum Bid (can do multiples as 'guaranteed bid')
    Sample Portrait Images
    About Charles
    Contact info
Item Description:
$1500 Fine Art Portrait by Charles G. Waugh
  •  11x14 Fine Art Portrait (Unframed)
  •  Consultation Session with Charles (see video below)
  •  In-Studio Photographic Session
  •  Image Review & Ordering Session
Link to Video on Vimeo:
Video Embed Code:
<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/417841607" width="95%" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Minimum Bid:
Please set $200 as minimum bid

I am willing to provide up to 5 items
which can be offered at a
GUARANTEED BID of $200 each.

That way, if, say, three people want one,
You get $600, not just $200+50+50.
  •  One Per Family
  •  Non-Transferable
  •  Cannot be combined with other offers
  •  Expires 24 months after the event
Sample Portrait Images:
Feel free to cut-n-paste as needed.
Images may be re-sized however you desire.
About Charles G. Waugh:
After falling in love with photography during a trip to the British Isles three decades ago my camera has rarely left my side.

I bring my background in the arts, my engineering mindset, and a deep love of people to design and execute portraits of emotional significance for you.

Each portrait is designed together with you, and expressly for you. This assures that your story, your love, and your relationships are preserved for generations to come.

My website, www.charleswaugh.com has many examples of the various styles of portraits that I create so you can get an idea of what interests you.
Just click on the Charles Fine Art Portraits' link.